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Excessive classic and simple arcade action!


Spingloaded’s latest iOS game brings outer space drama to your iPhone or iPad on the 30th of September and it’s free!


Taking inspiration from a lot of the greatest iOS games, the decision was made to forego complex controls and deep mechanics in favour of simplicity.

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·         Watch the trailer:


People are falling to their doom, however you can save them by firing portals into their paths that will teleport them to safety. If the virtual avalanche of people wasn’t frantic enough already, you also need to time your taps perfectly firing slightly ahead of your targets. The game also supports multi-touch, and when playing on iPad firing multiple portals at the same time can make all the difference.

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·         Mission mode with 40 unique challenges to beat

·         Endless highscore hunting awaits in “Survival Mode”



This is the third game from Springloaded following the successful Hiragana Pixel Party (Eurogamer app of the day) and Nuclien (Kotaku Gaming App of the Day)




·         Game Center achievements

·         Challenge yourself and the rest of the world via the game’s Online leader boards

·         An entertaining story, charting the rise and fall of an entire civilization.

·         Unique Chiptune soundtrack and graphics that will pull you back to 1979!

Description: C:\XNA\James_MicrosoftApple_9055\SlingVault\SlingVault\Art\Launch\screenshots\forwebsite\forPress\fordoc03.jpgDescription: C:\XNA\James_MicrosoftApple_9055\SlingVault\SlingVault\Art\Launch\screenshots\forwebsite\forPress\fordoc01.jpg

High-Res screenshots and additional key-art is available at



About Springloaded:

Springloaded is currently just James Barnard, After 13 years working for people other than himself, James like many people has decided that a big part of the future of games now lies in the hands of smaller developers. Having spent the last 4 years working as a lead designer at Lucasarts, James has also worked as a producer, musician, artist and coder creating games for companies including EA, Sega and Namco. Now working alone, James fights regular battles with sleep and his refrigerator, while also doing his best to avoid talking about himself in the third person…but sometimes failing, like now.