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Springloaded is a stupid ball of fun and hard work. We offer competetive salaries, and are open to people with all levels of experience.

Hopefully you are:

  • Passionate about games.
  • Have an ability to figure things out on your own,
  • Are self motivated
  • Have a desire to change the world in some way!
  • We are based in SIngapore, and are looking for pople to expand out team both here and abroad (in other parts of SEA).

Specifically we are looking for:

Engineers (I call the programmers, engineers sound like the build bridges). C#, C++, Server, Java, Xamarin, XNA...Mobile, Steam, 3DS etc. Essentially we are looking for people who don't mind working on anything from Server Side data management to SDK upkeep to all kinds of other things. Making games is fun, but we don't spend all of our time writing game code, there is a lot of extra stuff that has to be done to ensure our games reach as mny people as possible.

QA/Production Assistant- We are looking fora full time QA, you will test games, but also get to do some production tyoe stuff, such as helping plan schedules and ensuring everyone knows what they are doing!

Artists - we are not actively seeking any artists, but if you are awesome drop us your CV.

We are always hunting for awesome people, if you think you have what it takes to work at a tiny little indie studio, then drop us an email, we are mainly looking for the jobs listed above, but in reality if you are a nice person and have lots to offer we will be super excited to have you on board.

Email Lydia,