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a videogame company
In Development:    
Unannounced game - we are working with some of our heroes to bring you something very special
GORSD (PS5/SeriesX) - Couch Multiplayer adventures in the eye of madness
Let's Build a Zoo! - involving cute animals and zoos!
Tiny Dice Dungeon - We are bringing new experiences to the universe that got us where we are today
Available now:    
A monster and card collecting Strategy RPG on Mobile. Coming eventually to PC.
Manage your own space prison!
Tower Offence on Switch & PC, coming soon to PS4 and mobile.
Available on 3DS & Nintendo Switch
Desert Island Fishing: Fish in an ocean under the influence of humanity on Mobile, and coming eventually to other platforms
Ultra Hyperball: Local multiplayer, and a single player journey, focused on a singular mechanic - available only on Nintendo Switch
Learn to read Japanese on Nintendo Switch, Steam or iOS.
The Last Vikings: Raid and Pillage, while rebuilding the viking civilization.
Trying to connect players with the real words of the politicians they might be voting for - on Steam and Mobile.

The violence of heart break - on Nintendo 3DS.
Tiny Dice Dungeon: Risk & Roll - on Mobile and Web.
An award winning action puzzle game on Nintendo Switch and Mobile.
Atomic Test Pilot: How far can you go in this precision adventure (Currently unavailable).